Monday, February 28, 2005

How to find MP3s with Google

Found via Google Blogoscoped

How To Find MP3's with Google

This How-To will teach you how to use google to find mp3s. This How-To will be highly pragmatic and will focus on the hows and not the wherefores of the various search strings. Written by my_haz

= Index

0) Key
1) Directories
2) Xitami Servers
3) Directory Listing
4) Andromeda Servers
5) Zina Artists
6) Apache mp3 Servers
7) Individual Songs

= Section 0 - KEY

You this are just some definitions I will use below.

[Directory String] can be any of the following :
1) "index of"
2) "last modified"
3) "parent of"

[file type] can be any of the following :
1) "mp3"
2) "shn"
3) "wma"

[mp3 name] can be any of the following :
1) the name of the album in quotes
2) the name of the artist in quotes
3) be daring and leave it blank and have lots of links
4) be creative!

1) -html -htm -php -asp -txt -pls

(inurl:) is optional and may be omitted and in fact most be
omitted if not using a search tool other than google.

(intitle:) can be used in place of (inurl:) and has a similar effect
again you must be useing google.

(-filetype:txt) adding this to the end of your search string can
filter some false positives.

(-playlist) adding this to the end of your search string can
filter some false positives.

= Section 1 - Directories

These are the most common way that mp3s are stored on the www, you
should try these strings first.

String Format :
Type 1 : [Directory String] + (inurl:)[file type] + [mp3 name]
Type 2 : [Directory String] + (intitle:)[file type] + [mp3 name]
Type 3 : [Directory String] + [file type] + [mp3 name] + [limitors]

Example Strings :
- intitle:index.of + mp3 + "grandaddy" -html -htm -php -asp -txt -pls
- "index of" + "mp3" + "radiohead" -html -htm -php
- "index of" + mp3 + "grandaddy"
- "index of" + inurl:mp3 + "beatles" -txt -pls
- "index of" + intitle:mp3 + beatles
- "last modified" + "shn" + "dylan"
- "last modified" + inurl:shn + "bob dylan"
- "parent of" + inurl:wma + "grandaddy"

Suggestions :
- Try (intitle:index.of + "mp3" + "band name" -htm -html -php -asp) first it
is usually the most effective.

= Section 2 - Xitami Servers

String Format :
Type 1 : "xitami web server" + (inurl:)[file type] + [mp3 name]
Type 2 : "xitami web server" + (intitle:)[file type] + [mp3 name]

Example Strings :
- "xitami web server" + "mp3" + "radiohead"
- "xitami web server" + intitle:shn + "beatles"
- "xitami web server" + inurl:mp3 + "magnetic fields"

= Section 3 - Directory Listing

String Format :
Type 1 : "directory listings" + (inurl:)[file type] + [mp3 name]
Type 2 : "directory listings" + (intitle:)[file type] + [mp3 name]
Type 3 : "directory listings of" + (inurl:)[file type] + [mp3 name]
Type 4 : "directory listings of" + (intitle:)[file type] + [mp3 name]

Example Strings
- "directory listings" + "mp3" + "radiohead"
- "directory listings" + intitle:shn + "beatles"
- "directory listings" + inurl:mp3 + "magnetic fields"
- "directory listings of" + "mp3" + "radiohead"
- "directory listings of" + intitle:shn + "beatles"
- "directory listings of" + inurl:mp3 + "magnetic fields"

= Section 4 - Andromeda Servers

String Format :
Type 1 : "scott matthews" + andromeda + [mp3 name]
Type 2 : "scott matthews" + andromeda + [file type] + [mp3 name]
Type 3 : "powered by andromeda" + [mp3 name]
Type 4 : "powered by andromeda" + [file type] + [mp3 name]
Type 5 : inurl:andromeda.php + [mp3 name]
Type 6 : inurl:anromeda.php + [file type] + [mp3 name]
Type 7 : "scott matthews"
Type 8 : "powered by andromeda"
Type 9 : inurl:andromeda.php

Examples :
- "scott matthews" + andromeda + "radiohead"
- "scott matthews" + andromeda + "mp3" + "fitter"
- "powered by andromeda" + "gradaddy"
- "powered by andromeda" + "mp3" + "just like women"
- inurl:andromeda.php + "shn"
- inurl:anromeda.php + "wma" + "dylan"
- "scott matthews"
- "powered by andromeda"
- inurl:andromeda.php

= Section 5 - Zina Artists

String Format :
Type 1 : "zina artists"

Examples :
- "zina artists"

= Section 6 - Apache mp3 Servers

String Format :
Type 1 : "stream all" + apache + [mp3 name]
Type 2 : "stream all" + apache
Type 3 : "shuffle all" + apache + [mp3 name]
Type 4 : "shuffle all" + apache

Examples :
- "stream all" + apache
- "stream all" "shuffle all" mp3
- "stream all" + apache + radiohead
- "shuffle all" + beatles

= Section 7 - Individual Songs

Format : [mp3 name].mp3 -playlist -filetype:txt

Examples :
- "ok_computer_live.mp3" -playlist -filetype:txt
- "*ok_computer*.mp3" -playlist -filetype:txt
- kid*a.mp3 -playlist -filetype:txt

email: with any comments.

WikiQuote list of misquotations

Sunday, February 27, 2005

GQ magazine article on Google

xmlHttpRequest in baby steps
Simple , step by step guide to building your own Ajax application.

Friday, February 25, 2005


XP deloaded? MS tightens screws on loose product keys
Europe probes
ALA President Not Fond of Bloggers
Firefox 1.0.1 Released
Mandrake to Acquire Conectiva
The world could really use Google Calendar
Speaking: Hitchiker
Subliminal Eating
TiVo + Flickr = Cool
Mobile Traffic Cam Apps

Thursday, February 24, 2005

BBC - On This Day
1955: Britain's big freeze
Deep snow and freezing temperatures continue to cause havoc across much of Britain.
1968: South Vietnamese recapture Hue
The South Vietnamese celebrate the recapture of the country's third city, Hue, after a battle lasting three weeks.
1950: Labour wins slim majority
Clement Attlee returns as prime minister of Britain but with a single-figure majority.
1981: Prince Charles and Lady Di to marry
The Prince of Wales and the Lady Diana Spencer end months of speculation by announcing they are to wed this summer.
1999: Lawrence report blasts 'racist' police
A highly-critical report into the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence labels London's police force "institutionally racist".
1971: UK restricts Commonwealth migrants
Commonwealth citizens lose their automatic right to remain in the UK under the government's new Immigration Bill.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Ajaz - a new approach to web apps
Interesting article outling the technologies behind Google Maps, Gmail, Orkut and others.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Monty Python wavs

Monty Python wav files
Big selection of wav files from Monty Python.

A semantic wiki wiki web.

Vienna Webcam

Monday, February 21, 2005

8 bit construction set

Software distribution by vinyl

The 8-Bit Construction Set record is also the first ever use of the vinyl recording medium for software distribution - the inside tracks are audio data which can be dubbed to cassette tape and booted in your respective atari or commodore 8-bit computers (guinness world record for first-ever vinyl-to-software programming is currently pending). and, as if you still had doubts about these artists' chops, you should know that this record was entirely programmed in 6502 assembly language. beat that.

Gmail moves to next stage
Google sends invites out itself.
Google under fire for autolinking
Echos of Microsoft smart tags

Friday, February 18, 2005


Toy-Based Robots Walk More Efficiently -Report (Reuters)
SCO faces ejection from Nasdaq
European Parliament votes to scrap software patent text
United Kingdom Leads the World in TV Downloads
Skype-Ready Phones From Motorola
U.S. Agencies Earn D+ on Computer Security
Writing Your Own Shell
Linspire Five-0 First Look
Setting Up a Linux Desktop in a Small Office
Web Spam Summit CFP Wikipedia on your mobile
We have a Winner!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Gelf Magazine - Interview with Mark Jen

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Gael Duval of Mandrakesoft interviewed

Mark Jen on Wikipedia
Fired Google blogger gets a wikipedia entry.

Stallman Feeds Gates His Own Words

Richard Stallman counterattacks Gate's "communist" comments stating that Gates is contradicting what he said about software patents back in 1991.

IE7 announcement
Posted on a Microsoft MSDN blog.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Mark Jen writes a new blogpost
Whether you like him or not , he IS a blog celebrity. I wonder if it'll last longer than I Kiss You

Monday, February 14, 2005


Linux maker sprouts MP3 server
Opera to MS: Get real about interoperability, Mr Gates
Desktop Linux Summit Highlights
Digital Life and Evolution
XAMPP, an Apache Distribution

Friday, February 11, 2005


Tagsurf is an experimental discussion forum based on tagging, rather than threads or channels. Thanks to Russell Beattie for the tip.

Google launches ground breaking new service

Now who wouldnt want this to become reality?

Mark Jen - the official story

Mark Jen has this new blogpost on why he got fired from Google. Turns out he was over-excited with the new job, and unfortunately crossed a line that was too much for Google.

The latest Google financial data
$1 billion revenue in Q4 , 2004

Sending mail attachments from the command line

SHELLdorado - Sending files as mail attachments
This article shows how to send e-mails from a shell script, including file attachments. It lists different ways (uuencode, MIME), and explains the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The appendix contains a shell script "sendfile" that simplifies sending MIME file attachments using scripts.


Real relaxes media player tech licence
Dell sets $80bn goal
Google to Wall St: our CFO couldn
MPs heading for electoral online disaster
Dutch Say No to Software Patent Directive
Comparing MySQL Performance
Google Donating Bandwidth and Servers to Wikipedia
Matthias Ettrich
School or Burning Man?

Thursday, February 10, 2005

BBC - On This Day
1996: Docklands bomb ends IRA ceasefire
The IRA admit planting the bomb that exploded in the Docklands area of London last night.
1983: British police on trail of mass murderer
Police launch a mass murder investigation in London after discovering human remains in drains.
1962: Russia frees US spy plane pilot
American spy plane pilot Captain Francis "Gary"Powers has been freed from prison in the Soviet Union in exchange for a Russian spy jailed in the US.
1952: India passes first test of democracy
Independent India's first general elections pass off peacefully, and return Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru to power.
1955: US evacuates Pacific islands
The American Navy has moved thousands of people from the Chinese Nationalist Tachen Islands.

Mark Jen - new blog post
ex-Googler posts a new blog entry.

Web pages that suck
The biggest design mistakes in 2004

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Mark Jen Meme

Google Blogscoped first got the tip off that Google blogger, Mark Jen has been fired.

The story has since spread like wildfire.

Jeremy Zawodny has a blogpost mentioning that he's actually met Mark Jen in person. And yes , he has been fired.

Technorati links on Mark Jen
John Battelle writes about it
Its on
Google news Mark Jen search

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Google Maps

Google Maps only covers the U.S. at the moment. Thanks to Jeremy for the tip off.

Monday, February 07, 2005


Rude software causes emotional trauma
Broadreach to bring Wi-Fi to motorway eateries
Google loses another trademark fight in France
Revealed: the tech consumer as prawn
Alliance touts holographic disc
Internet Broadcasting Makes A Comeback
Linux: Fighting the FUD of Forking
How to Take Over a Train Station
Linux and PowerBASIC
Firefox: Bigger Than AOL?

Friday, February 04, 2005

Wine as a web design work enhancer
Chablis or merlot?
30 minute video of Steve Jobs demoing NextStep
Ahead of its time.
The most badly designed webpage ever?
Wear some sunglasses first...
KDE 2005 conference to be held in Malaga
Sun, sea, sand and coding

Books found on Google Print

Because the content of Google Print is notoriously difficult to find, here's some links to some books I've found on there.
O'Reilly books:
PHP Cookbook
Programming PHP
MySQL pocket reference
Running Linux
Linux Unwired
Knoppix Hacks
Apache Cookbook
Google - The Missing Manual

Other publishers:
Open source solutions for small business problems
The Multi-Boot Configuration handbook

Eric Etheridge: Ed Ruscha: Internet Search Pioneer

Eric Etheridge compares Ed Rushcha's 1966 book Every Building on the Sunset Strip with A9's block view yellow pages feature

AdWords Year in Review

AdWords Year in Review

Damn Small Linux 0.9.3 released Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.: "Distribution Release: Damn Small Linux 0.9.3"

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Cork city of culture photo gallery
more galleries of Cork

BBC - On This Day
1959: Buddy Holly killed in air crash
Three young rock 'n' roll stars, including 22-year-old singer Buddy Holly, die when their plane crashes in the United States.
1960: Macmillan speaks of 'wind of change' in Africa
Harold Macmillan outrages South African politicians with a speech warning of the "wind of change"in Africa.
1986: Pope and Mother Teresa feed the sick
The Pope meets Mother Teresa in Calcutta and visits her home for the sick and dying.
1998: Military jet causes cable car tragedy
A Nato aircraft kills 20 people at an Italian ski resort by severing their cable car line.
1988: Nurses protest for better pay
Nurses across the UK take part in a day of industrial action to secure more money for themselves and the NHS.
1978: Sadat in US for Mid East talks
Egyptian President Anwar al-Sadat arrives in Washington DC to discuss the Middle East peace process with US President Jimmy Carter.
1966: Soviets land probe on Moon
The Soviet Union makes the first controlled landing of a space probe on the Moon, but refuses to release the pictures it sends back.

Cork city interactive tour

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Onion: Google In 2005

Source:The Onion

Rob Sutherland: Must have open source apps for consultants

In this article on Newsforge, Rob Sutherland outlines the open source applications he recommends to small businesses in his consultancy work. The usual LAMP stuff is mentioned, but he also mentions lesser known apps , such as Rekall, an MS Access clone, osCommerce, a full e-commerce shop solution, and the accountancy package SQL Ledger

John Battelle interviewed

Google Blogoscoped interviews John Battelle co-founder of Wired magazine and a major figure in the blogosphere.

Friday Linkdump

Eruptions Possible at Two Alaska Volcanoes (Reuters)
Origin of the Universes most powerful magnets
Leo star Regulus spins like a bullet
Adware-infected PCs net slimeware firms $3 a pop
4 Linux Distros Compared To Win XP, Mac OS X
18 Live Linux CDs -- In A Row
Mad Penguin Launches Slackware Handbook Project
Skype For Mac OS X and Linux
KDE tips and tricks
Some Linux apps are small wonders
Box Cracked
Jeremy on the Tivo SDK