Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Advertise on LinuxNotes!

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LinuxNotes gets on average around 1,000 visitors per day (see my Google Analytics graphic above). Your site can grab a bit of that traffic (and get more Google goodness since I'll be linking to you) by advertising in my top banner with a 16x16 pixel icon. Look up at the top right - all those "buy" icons. One of them could be yours.


Pounds sterling: 1 month: £10 3 months: £25 12 months: £90

US Dollars: 1 month: $20 3 months $50 12 months: $180

Euros: 1 month 14.50 3 months: 36.25 12 months: 130.50

If you want to advertise just send LinuxNotes an email ( with the following details:

- Your name
- The URL you want to Advertise
- Text you want displayed “on hover”
- What length of time you’re wanting (1,3,12 months)
- Attach the 16×16 pixel icon you want to display.

Payment is by Paypal only, payable to

Once I receive payment your 16x16 icon will be up right anyway.

Not convinced? Here's some more traffic data. LinuxNotes shamelessly engages in traffic baiting , so if there's a volcanic Google Trend happening, I'll blog it.

Here's the traffic in response to this post

And here's the volcano of traffic in response to this post which made it to Digg and Reddit

And here's another traffic rocket , back in May, in response to this post

For only 10 quid for a month, you could get a piece of that traffic for your website.