Thursday, May 06, 2004

Upgrading to Mandrake 10 Official

note : to deinstall KDE 3.1.x , type urpme kde-base
Urpmi man pages

From the release notes:

- urpmi can now do a distribution upgrade simply by adding urpmi sources for the 10.0 dist tree or cd's and then running 'urpmi urpmi' then 'urpmi --auto-select' and finally 'urpmi kernel' to install the new kernel. See KDE notes for tips on having a smooth upgrade experience with KDE installed.

KDE 3.2
- The KDE Project has reorganized applications for the 3.2 release. An example is that kmail is part of kdepim now instead of kdenetwork. This could cause upgrades from 9.x that have KDE 3.1.x installed to not go smoothly. The best way to do an upgrade from 9.x will be to completely remove KDE from the target system, run the upgrade using your preferred method (urpmi --auto-select or upgrade installation) and then install KDE from the 10.0 media. If you do not do this, you will find that some KDE 3.2 applications will not be installed and some KDE 3.1.x applications will be left on the system.

It is also a good idea to make backup copies of each user's ~/.kde directory before doing the upgrade. This is because in the past, changes to KDE configuration files have caused problems when trying to run the new apps with the old configuration. It may be helpful if you are having problems after the upgrade to rename or remove the old ~/.kde directory and let it recreate automatically. Then move any data like kmail accounts and kaddressbook data back by hand.