Monday, July 19, 2004

Open Office 1.1 slowing down - solution

Found on alt.os.linux.mandrake

"Back in the good old days of Jan 04, it would launch in about 15 sec, and now it takes more than a minute."
"The delay will increase as time goes by. It's due to OOo rebuilding its font cache each time it starts up. To fix the problem permanently, make sure OOo is not running, open your favourite file manager and navigate to ~/openoffice/user/psprint and delete the pspfontcache file. Now start up OOo and immediately shut it down again. You should see a new pspfontcache file. Make this file read-only, either using your file manager or with the command line: chmod -w ~/openoffice/user/psprint/pspfontcache

If you've done all this correctly, OOo should take much less time to start up and that time won't increase."

NOTE: Other distros (e.g. Mandrake) the OO directory in question is in
/home/username/.openoffice - thats DOT openoffice