Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Interview with George Staikos
The USA Linux User Group interview George Staikos, who is a KDE core developer, app developer, North America/Canada press contact, and I also involved in North American PR for KDE.
KDE Wins Spot At Comdex Open Source Pavillion
KDE came second in an online O'Reilly poll.
KDE Traffic #67
Regular newsletter on all things KDE
IE to block pop-ups in XP service pack
Don't bother Microsoft, we've already moved to Mozilla Firebird.

And speaking of Mozilla, here's
101 Things You Can Do In Mozilla That You Can't In IE

Wired -"Yet Another Rendition of Linux"
Wired article on Bruce Peren's forthcoming "UserLinux" project , which is aimed specifically at the average desktop user.

The Slashdotters are having a big discussion about this here

"Programmers are like artists" - an interview with Bruce Perens