Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Spam surge raises fears of junk mail assault
"Organised spammers may have launched a new assault on Web users, with an anti-spam company reporting a spike in the amount of junk mail being sent"

Latest figures from MessageLabs report that 50.5 per cent of all email is now spam. And that's probably an underestimate.

IP To Country
Useful csv database that can map a visitor's ip address to their country. Sample code provided.
Linux on the desktop - the man from Armonk, he say yes!
Mission impossible? Blunkett's big biometric ID adventure
About the British ID card proposal.

Desktop Linux Conference: KDE Report
"Our PR is worse in North America than I had originally imagined."
" Browser plugins are a mess."
"Businesses want a corporate partner to buy their free desktop from. Go figure."
"We need to integrate better with OpenOffice, and we need to better educate people about Konqueror."