Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Konsole - logging into multiple boxen the lazy way

Tired of opening up multiple konsole tabs every morning in order to ssh into your various boxen? Here's a way of doing it automatically.

In Konsole , select Settings > Configure Konsole > Session

Create the various ssh sessions you make have to your boxen - in the Execute section you would type in ssh username@ipaddress. Where username is the user name you normally log into that box as, and ip address being the ip of that particular box. Name the session and save it - do this for the rest of the boxes you normally log into.

Now open up the new sessions as tabs in your konsole window (Session menu). Once you have all your ssh sessions opened , select Settings > Save Sessions Profile - type in a name for the profile , in my case "my_herd_of_boxen"

Right click on the Konsole icon on your desktop if you have one and change the Application>Command to:

konsole --vt_sz 90x25 --profile my_herd_of_boxen

Launching the konsole app from your desktop will now open up ssh connections to your multiple boxen.