Thursday, June 24, 2004

Thursday linkdump

KDE 3.2 In depth overview
Excellent in depth article on the architecture of KDE 3.2

Web email - the new hard drive?
Jeremy Zadwodny muses on whether we're seeing the beginnings of the web as a platform in itself..

When spyware crosses the line
If that story doesnt convince you to dump IE, nothing will.

The Importance of Being Linux
Despite the erroneous statement of open source development speeds being 'glacial' (huh? it seems like every 3 months there's a new version of KDE out for example - not to mention manic release schedule of Mandrake), the rest of the article is rather good. And considering it's posted on ABC News, this really does show that Linux is starting to appear on CEO and CIOs radar screens big time. There is also a forum discussion about the article is