Friday, August 12, 2005

BBC - On This Day
1985: Hundreds dead in Boeing crash
A Japan Airlines jumbo jet crashes on a remote mountainside 70 miles from Tokyo in Japan.
1969: Police use tear gas in Bogside
The Royal Ulster Constabulary uses tear gas for the first time in its history afternine hours of rioting in the Bogside area of Londonderry.
1964: Great Train Robber escapes from jail
A massive manhunt is underway across Britain after one of the gang involved in the Great Train Robbery breaks out of a high-security prison in Birmingham.
2003: Gilligan: language 'wasn't perfect'
BBC journalist Andrew Gilligan answers questions from the Hutton Inquiry over his report that the government "sexed up"a weapons dossier on Iraq.
2000: Murdered schoolgirl's life celebrated
The family of murdered schoolgirl Sarah Payne is joined by friends and hundreds of members of the public for a memorial service.
1990: Briton shot by Iraqis
A British man attempting to escape in a convoy from Iraqi-occupied Kuwait is shot by Iraqi soldiers.