Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Building the (New) New York
Illustrated article on how New York might look in 2016.
Couples and surfing
Is the internet age less social than the TV age?
Unobtrusive sidenotes
Javascript + CSS recipe. Heres an example.
Remote control airplane video
this is flown indoors. Amazing aerobatics involved.
Timelines from 1750 to 2050
Zoomable and draggable.
Husband 1.0
Nerd humour
Girlfriend 6.0 versus Wife 1.0
More nerd humour
World language maps
Africa is particularly intricate
The Most Offensive show on TV
Something on MTV wins that dubious distinction.
Tim O'Reilly responds to the Web 2.0 trademark issue
And ends up digging an even bigger hole for himself. Oh dear.