Sunday, May 07, 2006

sunday linkdump

Write anything you want on an LED sign
this is being dugg to death right now.
Who Links to me
Handy little site - shows who links to your site.
Beginning Ubuntu
Explains package management, how to use Synaptic and apt, how to compile and more.
Follow the Nitrogen
The search for ET has focussed too much on water , say U.S. geobiologists.
Our world from outer space
interesting satellite imagery of planet Earth.
Prototype Mars suit tested in North Dakota
Channel Chooser
Watch 70 TV channels online for free.
Are Sims the new dolls?
Lots of kids are abandoning dolls and using the Sims game instead - and some valuable life lessons are being learned as a result. The article quotes one 10-year-old boy who plays with Sims, and has learned valuable life lessons. "I learned don't leave your baby crying or people will come take your baby away."