Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Google Earth & Maps updates

Via: Google Sightseeing

On October 3rd, we updated Google Maps and Google Earth with the following new imagery:

- Cross Plains, Texas
- the whole state of Minnesota, South Carolina, North Dakota, Missouri (updated to 2005), Idaho, Maryland, and now full coverage for the entire state of Texas
- Updates to Florida (most of the state covered now)
- 15 high-resolution cities in Germany
- update for London, 2006 data at 10cm
- South Georgia Island (courtesy of the British Antarctic Survey)
- Albany, OR; Lubbock, TX; Port Townsend, WA; Portage County, OH; Trumball County, OH
- 32 Digital Globe high-resolution cities (updates and new coverage)

In addition there was a significant update to the regular Digital Globe imagery all over the world.


Updates I've found (so far):
Cork city ,Ireland
Limerick, Ireland
Wodonga, Australia - half the town is lucious green, the other half in drought.
Villach , Austria is now hi-res.
Pyongyang, North Korea - new imagery, brighter colours.
Hoeryong, North Korea - home of the infamous Camp 22