Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The failure of Friendster
SETI Institute creates the Carl Sagan Center
That was the "major announcement"
Let's Go : Second Life
A Wired guide
The Good News about GooTube
Nevada to vote on marijuana legalisation
Growers and sellers to be licensed and regulated
Gmail suggest
Vote for new Gmail features
Letter to EU warns against open source
Lobby lobby lobby
EU considering regulating video bloggers
Pay a tax to host a video blog?
WoW: A View from the Top
Ex WoW player writes about his addiction to it
In Orbit (pic)
stunning Nasa photo
Photoshop : How to age people 20 years
Whats so special about the number 1729?
Quite a lot - via Kottke
An earth without people
No trace left after 100,000 years
Hans Reiser arrested
On suspicion of murder