Thursday, February 19, 2004

Mandrake loses court case over name
King Syndicates, who own the comic "Mandrake the Magician", wins the case.

Translation of the French news item that Slashdot refer to:
"Mandrake must change names

Mandrake, the French publisher of a Linux distribution, was sentenced by TGI of Paris to a 70,000 Euro fine at the request of the American companies, Hearst Holdings and King Features Syndicate, the owners of the trademark "Mandrake the magician" and publishers of the comic of the same name. The companies had sued for "trademark dilution." The court has prohibited the French use of the name, and ordered Mandrake to transfer its domain names to the two American companies. This judgement could be a fatal blow for the French publisher, whose goodwill is tied to its distribution network. For the time being, Mandrake has appealed to suspend the judgement and thus preserve its mark and domain names. A previous judgement - concerning their logo - had already been ruled in favor of the two American companies. It is also being appealed."