Sunday, February 01, 2004

The Rebel Alliance
Willamette Week (a Portland,Oregon newspaper) has an excellent 4 page on Linux, the Open Source Development Lab (OSDL) and the usage of Linux in the local schools.

"Portland Public Schools technology chief Scott Robinson says his district has outfitted 17 middle schools and three high schools with labs similar to the one at Riverdale, using Linux to power more than 600 terminals. He claims setting up a Linux lab costs the state's largest district just over half the tab for a Microsoft Windows lab--$21,000 per school, instead of $40,000."

"It's a question of ethical choices," says Riverdale's Nelson. "In a school, it's public money. How should it be spent? Is it ethical to buy software instead of hiring an art teacher? Me, I want an art teacher--not the Microsoft help assistant dancing on every student's desktop."

"Our motto is, 'It's free. It works. Duh.'"