Monday, February 16, 2004

Welchia B scans go through the roof
A DShield and security-focus list participant, Frank Knobbe,said
"The interesting thing is that of those 20-some packets, a lot of them do not have shellcode included, just sleds of varying length. Seems like the code for the WebDAV exploit is broken. Thank God for small favors...
However, it's a noisy bugger. It's approaching the level of pollution of the SQL Slammer. Unfortunately this one can not be filtered on ISP routers. Looks like we have to learn to live with an increasing level of bandwidth wasted on noise like this."

ASN.1 Remote DoS exploit released
Proof of concept code, that crashes Win 2k systems. Based on the vunerability discovered by eEye Digital.
Outlook/XP/Bitmap exploit released
Exploit discovered in the leaked Windows source code and released on the Full Disclosure mailing list - you can see it here