Wednesday, March 03, 2004

The Next Step In Spam Control - Greylisting
Highly interesting paper - the basic concept is that you configure your mail server to drop all incoming mail. Genuine MTAs will attempt to retry after the initial drop. Spamming operations don't bother retrying. A simple idea, but highly effective in the tests that have been carried out.
Two Legged robot to go on sale in Japan soon

Announcing the KDE Quality team
"A community of contributors who will serve as a gateway between developers and users in the KDE Project, and as a new way for people to begin contributing."
The core aim of the team is to give non-technical KDE users a way of contributing something back to KDE (e.g. screenshots for documentation projects) without having to wade through a lot of technical documentation, which is currently highly oriented towards KDE developers. This can only be a good thing , and should encourage a lot more people to assist int he ongoing development of KDE.