Wednesday, March 31, 2004

switching to a mac

Jeremy Zawodny is moving to a Mac Powerbook
He's "sick of doing things the hard way" - i suppose he does have a point. As one's career progresses, you have less time for general hackery. A Mac just works. It's a no brainer.

Me? i'm too-ing and fro-ing between getting a Powerbook - maybe i'll kill two birds and get a thinkpad AND a powerbook. Debian on the thinkpad, powerbook running OS X.

Of course, some Gentoo advocate will pop up and say to Jeremy "emerge mplayer" , but i dont think that's what Jeremy wants - he doesnt want to go through the install of Gentoo on a laptop for starters. He can go to his local Fry's , buy a Powerbook, power it up, and it just works. There's a different attitude to wanting something to work versus something that's hackable. Both are equally OK , as long as it doesnt involve the sign of the beast.