Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Intel 845G, Audacity and aRts - soundwrapper solution

The Intel 845G on my laptop doesnt appear to support hardware based mixing (well, the Linux drivers for it dont appear to). This lead to conflicts whereby if I wanted to record Amarok output in Audacity , Audacity would complain of lack of access to /dev/dsp.

The solution is to run audacity with the soundwrapper in KDE - this forces Audacity to use the aRts sound engine (which Amarok also uses).

Execute Audacity as "soundwrapper audacity"
In aumix , make sure that the green button on Vol is changed to red (just click on it)
In the Audacity toolbar make sure the drop down menu is set to "Vol" (as we're recording from Amarok)
Adjust the volume settings in Audacity and aumix to get your preferred recording level.

UPDATE: Recording Flash audio streams from Firefox wont work - use Konqueror instead (as this automatically talks to the aRts sound engine)