Monday, April 18, 2005

Windows is easy?

The following is from the email newsletter Windows Advisor.

******************************************************************** we are...the Windows Advisor E-Alert has made it to #26...our first proud six months.In honour of it being #26, I've decided to dedicate this alert to a personal account of doing battle with evil viruses, spyware, adware and things that go bump in your PC...sit back...for I have a tale to tell.

I was in a hurry and my usually excellent (well...passable) judgement temporarily deserted me as I rushed to find the driver software for a specific piece of hardware. I have several tried and tested websites that I rely on to provide me with drivers. Unfortunately, none of them had the required file and I resorted to a web search. I followed a link that seemed legitimate. Perhaps, the pop-up ads should have been enough of a warning...but I persisted. There was the file I was after!
Just one click was required to download it. I should have stopped right there. The promise of something for nothing on a dodgy looking website...but I did it. Click! Just that one mistake cost me two days of work time to fix it.

snip - you know the rest of the drill...