Friday, April 22, 2005

Just launched - my own site

Today I've just launched my own personal website. It wont replace this blog , as I always wanted this site to be more of a collection of bits and bobs that i've come across - a kind of ultra-bookmark system. My own site will be more in depth and highly technical - so , if i discover something cool in Ruby, PHP , Python etc , I'll have a tutorial on exactly how to do it. Since I also have a few of the in-laws and relatives now using Linux , I also intend to have step by step tutorials on how to do things in KDE , Fluxbox, Gnome etc. They wont replicate whats already documented ,more a case of "here's how you do X" or "Here's a feature you didnt know about" kind of thing.

Feel free to drop by - and if you have any interesting stuff to let me know about, just mail me or leave a comment here. Thanks.