Thursday, May 10, 2007

Breaking: Madeleine search - "Things are happening"

Via Sky News

There appears to have been a significant development in the hunt for missing Madeleine McCann, according to Sky News crime correspondent Martin Brunt.

He reports that Portuguese police are said to be focusing on two men and a woman seen with a girl matching her description.

Officers have called a news conference for later today and Madeleine's parents were driven away at speed from their apartment.

sky news goes on to report that a town or village near Seville in southern Spain has been sealed off:
"I'm also being told that a town or village has been sealed off near Seville in southern Spain. It is not a long journey to get from the Algarve across the border.""

photo of the abducted three year old, Madeleine McCann
If you know or think you know anything at all that might help, call Crimestoppers in the UK on 0800 555 111 (+44 1883 731 336 from abroad) or the Portuguese Judicial Police on +351 282 405 400