Thursday, May 24, 2007

Buy Me A Beer!

After John Chow added the buy me a beer wordpress plugin to his blog, I was inspired to add a "buy me a beer" sidebar blob of my own. You can see it on the right hand side. You'll be making a payment to "Saffron Technology", which is actually just me. It's the name of the one man band company I owned for consultancy purposes a few years ago, thats now defunct. But my paypal account is still active - I use it for occasional eBay sales, for example.

So, buy me a beer! Blogging is thirsty work. Suggested amount - £2 (thats 2 pounds sterling) - so thats about $4 U.S. dollars. Of course any amount less or more than that gladly accepted.

Note: If you buy me a beer, also send me your website/blog url in either the comments below or via email (depechemode AT gmail DOT com) - and let me know what anchor text you'd like me to link on. I'll add you to a list of beer contributors on this blogpost and give you a bit of link-love in return. This applies to ALL beer donations from now on.

Note #2 The first 5 beers will have a digital photo taken after the beer is purchased in a genuine English pub in the south of England. The outside of the pub and a Google Maps link will also be posted. Photos will also be uploaded to flickr, 23hq, zooomr and elsewhere. These photos will be individually blogged about, so you will get an individual blogpost on this blog on a per beer basis about the beer that you helped me to buy. Birth of beer, drinking of beer and death of beer photos will be posted, and all stages of the beer's (brief) lifespan will be hyperlinked back to your site.

I will incorporate links back to your site using anchor text that you provide - and if you want some text as well, then i'll blog that as well. The usual caveats to what i link to - no pr0n, no gambling, no hate, no racism, no spam - apply.

Note #3 - Gotta give a bit of link love to Ankesh Kothari , who came up with the buy me a beer wordpress plugin. If you dont want to buy me a beer, buy a beer for him.