Thursday, May 24, 2007

Review Me review - Mozomo dot mobi

Please note: This review was sponsored by Mozomo on ReviewMe for $5

I've just received my first ReviewMe review offer - from Designer Mobile Content who , according to their blurb are "the first Premium Designer Mobile content store which produces truly luxury and designer mobile content". It sounded interesting, and within the marketplace of my geeky/techie gadjet loving audience.

Hitting their website produces the first problem -theres hardly any content on there and an enormous amount of white space. The women in bikini wallpapers are located on the left. Although, to be fair there's also a Porsche wallpaper

The second problem is that in their blurb, they said:

"Following is what Mobile Monday Finland and Nokia have to say about us:"

Well, if you visit that url, you just end up on the Mobile Monday home page.

Mozomo have no information on their About Us page, which really isn't a good idea and doesn't build much trust with potential customers. To make matters worse their contact us page has no contact information - just an online contact form.

So, I have no idea who these people are or where they are located. In an era of 911 scams and internet fraud, not letting your customers know who you are is a bad idea. Mozomo should be more upfront with who they are and where they are , and thus generate a level of trust between them and potential customers.

Marks out of ten : 2. Must try harder.