Thursday, January 22, 2004

Debian schmebian #2
My new deb box has woody stable preinstalled, which means that only php 4.1 is available. PHP 4.3 is available in the unstable sid branch of deb. I was able to apt-get php 4.3, but this doesnt come with the cli binary of PHP -that's in the php4-cgi package.

Doing a
apt-get install php4-cgi
resulted in package dependency errors, as i had both stable and unstable sources in my sources.list - apt-get was trying to grab dependencies from stable rather than unstable.

the solution is to use the -t option in apt-get.

apt-get -t=unstable install php4-cgi

Any dependencies of unstable php4-cgi are now grabbed from the correct target release branch of Deb.