Tuesday, January 13, 2004

New apps from KDE Apps
Very nice digital camera tool.

Graphics viewer
3D Landscaping tool, like Vista Pro or Terragen

And this final one is way way too cool:
"KDE Image Database (KimDaBa) is a tool for indexing, searching, and viewing images. The indexing is done by telling KimDaBa who is on the images, where the images were taken, and (optionally) adding descriptions. KimDaBa is highly optimized for easy indexing of images, so that it is possible to use it with thousands of images. It also allows you to browse your images easily, based on the properties (person, location, keywords) you specified when indexing."

Linkdump for today:

Setting up Debian
LOTS AND LOTS of screen shots to guide you through a full Deb install.
RPM and APT-Get
Great guide for Red Hat RPMer's who are coming over to Debian APT-GET and are wondering what the equivalent commands are.
Joe Roepcke
New blog that I stumbled across.

OS News reviews MandrakeMove
More info on MandrakeMove here