Thursday, January 29, 2004

MyDoom creating havoc - Anti-Virus software adding to the problem
My home email is protected by a combination of SpamAssassin , procmail rules and Bayesian training - this has been incredibly effective in zapping my Spam down to a maximum of around 1 or 2 a day - sometimes I can go for days without any spam in my inbox.

I log on tonight to be greeted by a flood of MyDoom messages, Anti-Virus software bounce messages (even though I never sent to virus out - i use Linux!), and mail server bounces from people i have never emailed (again , a MyDoom side affect).

If my lowly home ISP email account is being flooded in this way , one can only imagine the severity of this outbreak is on the bigger corporate email systems.

What is REALLY annoying about this , is not the worm itself - those messages I can understand. It's the flood of stupid Anti-Virus software messages back to me , telling me that "I've been infected". No I haven't - i didnt send the damn thing in the first place.

Brian Martin of is also highly annoyed with the Anti-Virus companies as well. They are ADDING to the worm traffic and yet we've had these worms for the past three years.

Stop it now ! I dont want your stupid moronic "I've been infected" messages any more - and I don't want them adding to the problem of clogged email systems.

There - rant over....

Slashdot are discussing this issue too